Rabbit bonding stages

Rabbit bonding stages outdoor chaise lounge furniture What is rabbit bonding? Rabbit bonding means the gradual build-up of friendship among rabbits. Rabbits are very social animals. The bonding process assumes that the two or more individual rabbits have Positive behavior in the beginning stagenot involve contact with the other. Just curious for those who are actively bonding their buns right now. Once they had gotten past the fighting stage the process was pretty.

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Rabbit Bonding What does rabbit bonding mean? Rabbits are very social animals so they need the company of another rabbit to keep them happy and healthy. Very few rabbits seem happy on their own so despite any initial difficulties in bonding it is important to have patience and just take time.


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How long have you been working on bonding? What are their genders? We added Fifi to our family about a month ago and since they had such a good first introduction we began bonding right away. Everything went well until we moved them from a small neutral space to an x pen in the room they share.

Bonding Multiple Rabbits - Step By Step

How to Bond Rabbits